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So there you find yourself making what seems to be one of the hardest decisions of your day & you think to yourself  “hmmm..do I just try and budget my money and go with the simple plain black shirt or do I spend almost x2 or maybe even x3 more money just so I can have that little white swoosh logo on the front of my shirt?” If this has happened to you or some how you’ve stumbled across my blog while making this exact or similar decision right now, don’t stress! you’ve just experienced what almost every other consumer has also experienced and that’s emotion but now when I say emotion I don’t literally mean you sitting on the floor half way through aisle 7 crying over which shirt you are going to decide on… so pick yourself up dust yourself of and continue reading!

What I’m talking about is the emotion to a brand and what it is that brand has nurtured and established themselves to be to connect to hundreds of thousands, if not billions of people across the world and to put it simply, that brands ability to give you that urge to want to fork out that extra cash just to feel like you are apart of something breathtaking or in some cases finding yourself in a state of FOMO (fear of missing out).

I’ll be the first one to admit, I’ve been a victim to forking out that extra money to multiple brands where I could have bought 2 or 3 more of the cheaper option but there was just so much more for me to then that swoosh logo design, it’s what was on the shirt yes! but I knew it stood for something greater.

Recently, American Professional Golfer Tiger Woods won the 2019 Masters & do you know who was in his corner when he did? Nike! But you see Nike are much more than someone who originally just started manufacturing shoes… In fact, they were there through all of Tiger’s highs and lows. If you take a look back through their previous advertisements and marketing campaigns you’ll find most of the time they actually don’t show their new high end sports shoe or even try and sell you their product at all. Do you know what they do? They show athletes and most times not even athletes jumping higher, running faster, lifting stronger & overall just being the best of themselves that they can be.

Nikes commercials and marketing campaigns are on the other end of the ‘pushy sales guys’. Nike make you feel in control of what you do next & for most people (like myself) we give in to the campaign and we go out and buy ourselves a fresh pair of nike sneakers or some new gym attire.

Now I’m not saying that just because Nike has spent millions upon millions of dollars on their marketing campaigns that you need to do the same. Nike didn’t just become the biggest shoe company overnight, they built a story, a brand story – that very story gave experience, hope and satisfaction for being overall better in every ability, shape or form.

Want to check out a few of Nike’s advertisements? Click the links below.

Tiger Woods – Nike Ad

Nike – Dream Crazy

Nike – Find Your Greatness


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