The Ultimate Checklist – Hiring a Graphic Designer

Hiring a designer can be a daunting task. The graphic design compines being highly competitive and saturated, makes it hard to find the right designer for your specific project.

In addition to this, modern age technology has made room for a lot of “duds”, in terms of the legitimate (or not so) designers out there; this means you need to be both clued-up on the basics, and cautious.

To make your life easier, we’re created a list of 8 things to check and consider before hiring your designer. Think of it as the ultimate designer hiring checklist!


Your Design Goals

The absolute first thing to consider is your design goals. You need to have a clear idea in mind of what your design objectives are; not only to find a designer who is well aligned, but also to be able to communicate your ideas to them effectively.



The internet and social media makes it relatively easy to gauge how customers feel about any one specific designer or agency.

In your search for a graphic designer, make sure to point your attention towards their reviews early in the piece. If they have a lot of negative reviews, no need to spend more time looking into that designer! Similarly, if they have great reviews, that’s a good starting point!


Relevant Industry Experience

The designer you choose should, ultimately, have experience in your industry. Having industry related experience will ensure that they can understand your target market well and design with their language in mind.


Education and Skillset

When paying anyone for their services, you want to ensure that their education and skillset are worth paying for. For best results, a tertiary qualified graphic designer with a wide array of skills should be on your wish list.


Portfolio Check

An essential part of hiring a designer is doing a portfolio check. Qualifications and skillset are not representative of the style and feel a designer can create. It is not necessary to like everything in their portfolio, but you should feel through looking at their work, that they can pull off what you have in mind.


Turnaround Time

The workload of the graphic designer you hire will directly affect your project. Checking their turnaround time and ability to complete your project on time should form part of your pre-hiring process. Delays can be frustrating and costly for your business.



Great communication forms part of any successful project. When working with a graphic designer, a great deal of communication is required, so finding someone who can do it well will be of benefit to you!

Poor communication can lead to wasted money, resources and time and will leave you feeling exasperated.



Finally, fees! You don’t want to miss this one out on your checklist, otherwise you could be in for a (bad) surprise. Make sure that the designer you choose fits within your budget. Another thing to consider when it comes to fees, is what they include, specifically. The small print regarding fees and inclusions vary from designer to designer.

Keep in mind, you may have to fork out more for an experienced designer; but you get what you pay for – and the results they produce are most likely to be effective.

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