Your Brand is your Baby

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Imagine having a book written about you by someone who doesn’t even know you..

If you have worked with a designer who hasn’t taken the time to do any type of discovery/strategy when working with you or assets for your business unfortunately that book about you may have already been written…

Whether you like it or not you aren’t just a business owner now, you own a brand & if you nurture that brand properly you’ll hopefully also have a brand your ideal customers connect with. Being a business owner is something you should be proud of, I know I am! It takes a lot of hard work and long nights to even get off your business off the ground let alone keep the customers coming through the door but what if I told you that if you treated your baby of a brand well enough and you did things properly that you wouldn’t have to worry about when your next customer is going to walk through the door because you’ve established a strong brand and put the correct systems in place where they already know who you are and they were inspired to work with you.

Building a strong brand doesn’t happen overnight (as we touched on in the previous blog p.s if you haven’t read that, go read it!). If you buy a tattoo gun, you most likely wouldn’t consider yourself a tattoo artist straight away or just because you own a hammer it wouldn’t necessarily class you as a ‘professional home builder’. Why I say this is because some things are best left to the experts & trying to tackle something you don’t have a lot of expertise in yourself or hiring someone cheap online just to ‘save a buck’ can do some real damage to your business.

In business there is a very common saying “we need to spend money, to make money” and that applies to any business but the reason for hiring an expert is to not only assist you by providing a solution to your problem but too also create success and value for your long term. Experts do this kind of thing day to day, they don’t forget that your brand is your brand but have the knowledge to make sure your brand stays healthy and grows in the right direction aligned to your visions and goals, they know what does and what doesn’t work and how your target market consumes information and essentially drives them to buy from you or hire you.

I remember when I first started my business, I was just wanting to make good looking logos but sooner or later I realised that I’m not actually myself or my client because without any research or direction for the design & then it wasn’t going to make an impact & that’s when I discovered Branding Campaign Strategy. When taking the time to do brand strategy you learn about your client. You learn about their business, their long and short term goals, their target market & what they are trying to overall achieve when working with you. Having a strategic approach when it comes to design assets for a business is the difference in taking your designs from nothing to something because not only are you designing something of meaning but you are also designing something that you know will appeal to your potential customers and that works effectively for your business because it represents and displays who you are entire without even saying a word.

It’s a no brainer! you would make the investment from the start so you don’t have to worry that your brand is being portrayed incorrectly to your target market which could lead to losing business or even going out of business because people don’t remember you.

If you don’t care much for your brands identity and are just after a cheap priced logo design that you can get within maybe 1-3 business days then I would suggest going to a site like Fiverr or alternatively, If you care about your brands identity like it’s your baby and would like to invest in something that works and represents your business to its core, hire a professional agency, business or freelancer that offers branding Campaign strategy that allows the design to make an impact in your market.


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